Scaling Up CEO Round Table

Presented by certified Scaling Up coach Anna Samios
Twelve month program | Committed peer environment | Tangible results

The Scaling Up CEO Round Table program takes you and your business to the next level.

Anna’s proven process guarantees results. The CEO Round Table gives you the opportunity to work with Anna and a small group of like-minded leaders to master the Scaling Up framework in a collaborative environment.

Master the tools

Being a leader can be a lonely business. The only ones who really understand are those on the same path. As a business leader, Anna has walked in your shoes. Her proven process will help you achieve your goals while you enjoy the camaraderie of leaders who are equally invested and committed to producing results.

As a member of the CEO Round Table, you’ll be part of a small select group of committed and driven business leaders, from non-competing industries, who share the same goal: to transform their businesses into industry dominating companies.

The CEO Round Table delivers:

  • Monthly boardroom style meeting over a twelve month period
  • Structured and approved Scaling Up curriculum
  • Advanced and master level Scaling Up tools - only available to certified coaches
  • Accountability and insight - supportive peer group environment
  • The right initiatives to grow profitability, cash and market valuation
  • An aligned team of A-players with a clear line of sight.
  • One-on-one private coaching
  • Tangible results… and fun… it’s important to enjoy the ride!

Anna Drives Results

Anna knows how to build the bridge between strategy and execution and underpins it by building a great team that is supported with strong cash flow.

  • Australasia’s only certified Scaling Up coach
  • Coached over 280 Australian companies
  • Thirty years’ experience
  • Scaling Up – Internationally proven framework that has helped over 70,000 companies world-wide

“Anna’s leaders’ program is very worthwhile. Meeting together with a group of executives gives you a sounding board and the opportunity to share, to listen and also to provide advice to others. In the process of learning, you can serve others, which feels good.”

John Hoffman | CEO Altis Consulting

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About Anna

Anna loves seeing Australian companies succeed and she knows Scaling Up delivers results.

It’s a passion and a drive that are deeply personal. As a girl, growing up in Sydney, Anna watched her parents’ daily struggle to run their family business.

As a business owner, she’s walked the walk, running her own Chartered Accountancy firm in partnership with her husband Pete for over 20 years. This connection is why Anna is so passionate about helping founders and leaders achieve their goals.

Are you ready to Scale Up?

    Anna Samios’s Success Stories

    Right now, over 280 Australian companies are reaching their goals and enjoying sustained growth, thanks to certified Scaling Up coach, Anna Samios. From established family businesses through to tech industry start-ups, Anna’s passion and proven process drive real results.
    It's a promise that’s 100% backed by her personal guarantee.
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