Meet Anna

Anna Samios is Australasia’s only female certified Scaling Up coach. And she’s helped hundreds of companies to think big and achieve their most ambitious goals.


She’s the real deal

Anna knows how to build the bridge between strategy and execution and how to underpin it all by building a great team that is supported with strong cash flow.

She’s a passionate advocate of the Scaling Up methodology, because she’s seen first-hand how it can change businesses and lives for the better. Anna’s clients sum it up best, when they say – she’s the real deal.

“Anna’s wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for business growth and strategy have injected our team with the insight and drive to take our business to the next level.” Dina Roubis-Alwan | General Manager Telechnics.


Love and numbers

What sets Anna apart is her ability to deploy her sharp analytical mind with empathy and compassion. She truly loves people, warts and all. She forms a unique bond with every client. But at the same time, she can look at a business and see the mathematical algorithm that drives it. This rare and unique combination is what drives results.

These days, it seems just about anyone can slap on a title and call themselves a business coach. But that’s not Anna. As a business owner, she’s walked the walk. Anna ran her own Chartered Accountancy business, in partnership with her husband Pete, for over 20 years. She knows where you’re coming from, because she’s been on the journey herself.

“When we started our own business, the first 3 years were crazy; we were really busy, but had little profit to show at the end of the day. I vividly remember thinking that ‘we had to find a better way’.  So began my life long love affair of learning from those who had travelled this business journey before, and started taking action.  Peter and I created a great business that we were really proud of.  We ran the company together for 25 years.” – Anna Samios

Driven by passion

Anna loves seeing Australian companies succeed. It’s a passion that has deep roots in her childhood. Growing up in Sydney, the daughter of a pool concreter, Anna remembers her mum and dad talking about their business around the kitchen table every night. She saw how tough it was for her parents to run a small business and support their family.

That personal connection to struggle is why Anna is so passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders succeed. And it’s why she chose to become a Scaling Up coach. As a proven methodology that has successfully helped over 70,000 companies worldwide, Anna knows Scaling Up brings results.

“Anna is a great facilitator of real strategy for our business. Our financial results have been off the scale across all metrics. She works through a clear-cut, tactical execution process and achieves breathtaking results.” Daniel Caruana CEO | Danrae Group

Led by values

Number seven of Rockerfeller’s 10 Habits to success is making sure your core values and purpose are ‘alive’ in the organisation.

If you want your business to thrive, living your values every day is key. And that’s why Anna is loud and proud about the values that drive her business.

Anna’s values:

  • Family: Having compassion and empathy for family and work life balance help businesses to thrive.
  • Wellbeing: People come first and everyone goes home, every day, healthy and happy.
  • Fun: Laugh, celebrate, have fun! It helps us lighten the load, get through the tough times, gain perspective and make the most out of life.
  • Ubuntu: A Zulu word that means ‘I am, because you are’. It’s about respect, fairness and solidarity. It’s about working together to make something better.

“We live in a magnificent country, a truly dynamic melting pot of a myriad of cultures, languages and religions. Our landscapes are breathtaking, our intrinsic code of mateship and having a fair go propels us to sustain and protect our independence and freedom.” – Anna Samios

A proud Aussie

We’re a bunch of battlers who’ll give anything a go. But when it comes to celebrating our success… we don’t like to shout about it. It’s true. For Anna, Australia is a blue-chip brand in the market.

“I truly believe that Australians have the solutions to produce some really game changing technologies and applications. I just don’t think they’ve been supported properly in the past.” – Anna Samios

She’s fiercely proud to be Australian and passionate about scaling up Aussie companies to an international playing field. It’s time to reject the tall poppy syndrome, celebrate our collective wins and sing our own praises. Shout loud and stand proud, Australians!

Anna’s achievements

Anna’s qualifications and achievements at a glance.

Business Coach

  • Coached and mentored over 270 Australian companies over the past three decades.
  • The only female certified Scaling Up coach in Australasia.

Business Founder

  • At 25 years of age, Anna started her first company, with her husband Peter.
  • For over 20 years, Samios Partners Chartered Accounting worked with high net wealth individuals and small and medium sized businesses.


  • Business Growth Adviser to ICT, Digital & Professional Service firms in the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.
  • Qualified Company Secretary with High Distinction by Examination and Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance, UNSW.

And she’s a diehard footy fan… go the mighty Blues!

Are you ready to scale up?

Anna Samios will get you there. Anna has helped hundreds of Australian companies achieve their most ambitious goals. And she can help you, too. Find out more about our Scaling Up solutions.

Anna Samios’s Success Stories

Right now, over 280 Australian companies are reaching their goals and enjoying sustained growth, thanks to certified Scaling Up coach, Anna Samios. From established family businesses through to tech industry start-ups, Anna’s passion and proven process drive real results.
It's a promise that’s 100% backed by her personal guarantee.
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