Scaling Up Leaders’ Program:
How Easy Agile grew the business… and their profit per team member

“We love working with Anna. We live the lean principles of building quality and minimising waste. If working with Anna was wasteful, we wouldn’t be doing it, therefore it is valuable to us.”

Nick Muldoon | Co-CEO | Scaling Up Leaders’ Program

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The entrepreneurs' journey

When Nick Muldoon and his Co-CEO, Dave Elkan, founded Easy Agile in 2018, they were fortunate to have access to a number of mentors who were well connected in business.

That’s ultimately how they met Anna Samios and began their Scaling Up journey.

Our office is in Wollongong, and we’ve found that being in a smaller regional area has given us access to a whole bunch of people we wouldn’t normally have access to in Sydney,” explains Nick.

One of those people suggested that we apply for the Entrepreneurs’ Program through the Federal Government. We were successful, which, among other things, gave us access to a business coach who would come into our business and share their experience to help guide us.

As fate would have it, we were paired with Anna.”

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A tailored approach

When Anna finished her engagement with the Entrepreneurs’ Program, Nick and Dave weren’t going to let her expertise and valuable input slip through their fingers. So, they engaged her on an ongoing basis.

Anna has worked with us to tailor a program that meets our needs for where we are at. Dave and I both participate in the Scaling Up Leaders’ Program, but Anna also works with us in house.

Most recently, she was helping us with our people and leveraging the Scaling Up job scorecard. We are able to drop into the things that are most important to us in that moment.”

That’s the real benefit of the Scaling Up framework and working with a coach like Anna to bring the principles to life in your business.

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Broad perspectives and new horizons

The Scaling Up CEO Round Table is a small group program that delivers results.

For Nick, it is the access to new perspectives that delivers significant value beyond the Scaling Up teaching and implementation.

You get access to not just Anna, but also the other business owners who are all from totally different industries.

In many ways, we are fortunate to have the 90 minute drive from Wollongong to Sydney each month to attend the program. On the way up it gives Dave and me the chance to have a conversation about family and work to really check in with each other.

On the way back, we talk about the day and what we have learned and both commit to one thing we can take and apply in the business.

On top of that, working with Anna has lifted our horizons to talk about things that otherwise wouldn’t be in the conversation. She can pinpoint issues and very quickly bring us to where we need to be.”

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Scaling Up and leveraging up

Tangible results. This is what any business owner is looking for when they engage a coach. It’s one thing to pinpoint the conversations you need to have or give you a different perspective on something, but tangible results are where it’s at.

And that’s Scaling Up.

One of the first conversations we had with Anna was about the Scaling Up Function Accountability Chart. Basically, we were running the Nick and Dave show, because we were accountable for everything.

Anna challenged us to think about how we scale if we continue on that path. We had an opportunity to grow the business and within six months we had started to form our pillars – products, partnerships and marketing. Once we had fleshed those out, we were able to grow the pillars within the business.

Since then, we have gone from strength-to-strength. In this past year we achieved financially more profit per team member than previous years.

It took 12-18 months to get the pillars in place and now we are going to move on to the next two pillars to continue to take the pressure off the leadership team.”

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Push and pull

The life of a founder is not an easy one. And a huge part of the challenge is around accountability. As in the case of Nick and Dave, when you are the only board members, you aren’t accountable to anyone other than yourselves.

But that’s where Anna shines. She knows which levers to push and pull to drive you towards results… and she keeps you accountable on the journey.

Drawing on Anna’s background and expertise has been really valuable to help us frame our challenges. If it wasn’t for that perspective, we would be on an island.

More than that, Anna will really crack the whip when she needs to. If we have been talking about something that has been raised before she will push us as to why we haven’t yet done anything to fix it.

At the same time, she has the emotional intelligence to read the sentiment of the founders and make sure they are focused on the right thing at the right time and going at a sustainable pace. Through COVID she knew we had to pull our focus to the team and so the conversation shifted.

Anna is fantastic. We’ll probably go around on the Scaling Up Leaders’ Program again, either with a new cohort or the same cohort. We will be covering the same content, but we know we will pick up different concepts that we just weren’t ready for the first time around.”

Are you ready to scale up?

Anna Samios will get you there. Anna has helped hundreds of Australian companies achieve their most ambitious goals. And she can help you too. Find out more about our Scaling Up Solutions.

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