Brand Promise examples: Brand Promises that deliver

Your Brand Promise is the commitment that you make to potential customers that meets their needs and is both unique and measurable. When you consistently deliver on this commitment, it should help you to win more Core Customers by having a deep understanding of what it means to deliver on their needs.

What makes a Brand Promise ‘deliver’ is that it is unique and makes you different from the competition. Because if you can’t clearly define what differentiates you from the competition, a reason that potential customers should buy from you rather than the competition, you are most likely in a commodity situation and susceptible to price shopping.

Here are a few examples of Brand Promises that deliver:

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“Lowest prices are just the beginning” – Bunnings (hardware store)

“We represent clients, not insurance companies” – Insurance Broker

“On time or it’s free” – GA Perry (electrical contractor)

“On Time Guarantee” – Home Builder will hand over your new home on the agreed date or give you an overseas holiday

“Fanatical Support” – Rackspace (IT company)

“14 days done” – Recruitment company – you will be able to present an offer to a candidate within 14 days of signing or it’s free

“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” – FedEx

“Always low prices. Always” – Walmart

Once you have determined your Brand Promise and you believe it is unique, meets the Core Customers need and is measurable you can begin to work on the systems, processes and activities to ensure that you can consistently deliver it.

But beware! If you make a Brand Promise and don’t deliver on it you create a Credibility Chasm which is the difference between what you say you will do and you actually do. Then you are probably better off doing nothing at all.

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