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Anna Samios In-House Program: How the team at PayMe Australia worked with Anna to go from goos to great.

“Working with Anna will enhance your ability to go from good to great.. She’s so positive and eager to deliver success to the people she coaches.”

Ian Lindgren | Director PayMe Australia | Scaling Up In-House Program

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Coached to Success

It’s fair to say that Ian and Maria Lindgren already knew a thing or two about Scaling Up before they started working with certified coach, Anna Samios. In fact, the couple had already been successfully self-implementing the internationally proven framework across their companies for several years. But as their businesses grew, Ian and Maria recognised that they needed expert help. It was just a question of finding the right Scaling Up coach… and that’s when Ian met Anna.

“Anna is a down-to-earth, practical person who’s honest and can relate to everybody.

That’s important to me because people do business with people they trust. If you trust your business coach, and they trust you, it’s a recipe for success.”

Ian and Maria founded their family business, PayMe Australia in 2006 with exactly zero clients. Within twelve months the specialised payroll company was bringing in revenue of $15 million. Since then Ian has founded another two companies and PayMe Australia continues to thrive with Maria at the helm as CEO.

“Initially we thought we could do it ourselves without a business coach.” says Ian. “But now that we’re running three businesses it’s a step too far for us. We need to have a deep external support in terms of advice.”

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Rockefeller Habits

Ian served as an Australian Army Officer for over twenty years before an injury ended his time in the defence forces. That extensive military experience left him with a deep respect for teamwork, strategy and discipline. The rigour of Scaling Up and the Rockefeller Habits resonated with his Army experience.

The Rockefeller Habits immediately appealed to me because it had routine and discipline. That drew both me and my wife toward learning implementing the skills,” says Ian. “In fact, Maria is the subject matter expert in the company.”

The Rockefeller Habits, based on the leadership and management practices of oil magnate John D Rockefeller, are the foundation of the Scaling Up framework. They identify the ten key habits essential for building an industry dominating business. These habits, centred around communication, accountability and visibility, speak to the heart of every business and are crucial for sustainable growth.

Ian and Maria are so passionate about the impact the Rockefeller Habits have had on their business that every one of their team members at PayMe Australia has attended Rockefeller Habits seminar over the years. And that’s exactly why they decided to have Anna come in and work in-house with the team on a regular basis

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Tailored In-house Program

Anna Samios offers a tailored in-house Scaling Up program for companies who want to focus on team alignment and identifying the right initiatives to increase profitability, cashflow and market valuation.

For Ian and Maria, the experience has been invaluable and has completely validated their leadership strategy.

“Maria and I learnt that our team members value working with us because we treat them like part of the family.”

This direct feedback from the team, in the room with Anna facilitating the engagement, really meant the world to Ian and Maria. In fact, Ian admits that he got a little misty behind the eyes hearing the responses from his senior leadership team during the workshop.

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Aligning the Team

As a military man, Ian understands the importance of having a team that is aligned and empowered to make decisions. At PayME Australia they have an ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive culture where the team can speak freely and openly.

Part of that commitment is making sure the team understand why Ian and Maria are so invested in Scaling Up. Working with Anna gave them the opportunity to expedite that process and drew out some amazing results.

“Anna is just so positive and eager to impart her knowledge and see success delivered… Our team actively participated in everything and they felt that Anna’s advice and the coaching to get to a destination was something with only Anna could have drawn out of the group.”

On the flip side Anna herself was blown away by how aligned the PayMe Australia team were, as Ian explains, “Anna said she’d never seen a such a close team with the ability to trust one another and totally support the two company directors.” For Ian it was further validation that they were on the right path and that his faith in Scaling Up is well placed.

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A Healthy Review

For Ian and Maria, bringing in Anna to work with their team was the next step in their Scaling Up journey. Ian is a big believer in external performance reviews and he really values the expertise and advice that Anna provides. For him it’s the key to taking the business to the next level.

“Everybody could do with a healthy review of their performance because no one is the font of all knowledge. And that’s the reasons to work with Anna, because it will enhance your ability to go from good to great.”

Are you ready to Scale Up?

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