Overcoming Growth: Inspirational + Pragmatic = Magic

Our ScalingUp Master’s Program officially launched in Sydney last month with Shark Tank’s Glen Richards, Andrew Geddes, Alan Miltz and me! 2.5 days of superb & practical content.

Sparkling firework

Happy to report it was 10/10 for all presenters from all participants!

“Great content delivered with humour and easy to understand”

Sydney, Australia is a city poised for phenomenal business growth (7th ScaleUp global city) – that is why it was among one of the first cities to launch our groundbreaking executive education program.

Our curriculum is designed with the sole purpose of scaling up fast-growing middle market companies: moving these enterprises from a revenue bracket of $5 million to $50 million to up to $100 million.

The combination of the entrepreneurial spirit and robust startup ecosystem of Australia’s harbour city made it a perfect place for startups to expand into broader markets, higher revenue brackets and beyond (i.e. to SacleUp).

As an Australian business expert with over 25 years experience and being known for increasing the revenue for my clients by 230%, I was absolutely honoured to launch and host this event.

See what Michael O’Keefe, Ferrycarrig Constructions, had to say about it.

Meet CEO Micheal O’Keefe from Ferrycarrig Constructions. An incredible, Sydney-based scale up success.

The ScaleUp Report, published by Sherry Coutu, recognised five significant barriers to growth that companies need to overcome on their ScaleUp journey:

  • Finding the employees to hire who have the right skills
  • Building leadership capability throughout the organisation
  • Accessing customers and opening up other markets
  • Accessing the right combination of financing
  • Creating a scalable infrastructure with the right systems and structures to handle
  • complexities in communications and decisions.
“Clear focus and discipline”

We were able to help our ScaleUp Executives do this as our training program is jam-packed with some of the biggest names in the industry, including:

  • Glen Richards CEO of GreenCross and Shark Tank Australia expert;
  • Finance brain and business guru, Alan Miltz
  • Verne Harnish, Founder of Gazelles & Entrepreneurs Organisation
  • As well as yours truly.

Our formula revolves around teaching you the mindset of overcoming these challenges, driving growth and making it is EASIER for you to scale up. We will focus on the following outcomes for your enterprise:

1. Creating the right culture. This needs to be in place for your organisation to scale up. Without the right culture it is hugely difficult to attract and retain the talent that you will need to drive your business forward.

2. Providing freedom. Like many CEOs you may well feel the pressure and burden of growing your company. For us it is critical that we are able to free your time from fighting the fires, so you can move from chaos to control and build a great team that is aligned and focused on executing a great plan.

3. Building your wealth. We are very focused on helping you to achieve financial success using our education and tools. Organisations that fully implement our system:

  • Triple the industry average profitability
  • Increase the valuation of their firm relative to competitors
  • Help the stakeholders – employees, customers, and shareholders – enjoy the climb to success.

What is the Scaling Up Executive Program?

Our 12-month accelerated program has been designed to provide you and your executive team with a fast track to success. Embracing the fundamentals from Verne Harnish’s book Scaling Up, it offers the cutting edge management tools and one-on-one support. It will equip your team with the skills, discipline and entrepreneurial passion to grow as fast as possible. The program keeps everyone accountable to accomplish their part of the journey.

Within 12 months you will:

1. Gain understanding of the driving forces and future scenarios for your industry.

2. Discover future GROWTH opportunities and set clear targets.

3. Define a crystal-clear strategy.

4. Design organisational structure and processes to enable fast and efficient execution.

5. Establish habits and routines to enhance personal and team efficiency and execution capabilities.

You will also be joined by nine other like-minded organisations who share a similar passion for growth, learning and scaling up their organisations, just like Nathan Ruff, CEO of Hoozu.

Super chuffed to be working with this amazing Australian digital company.

If this sounds like what you’re after – we are inviting expressions of interest from growth-minded, middle-market companies to join us in the next cohort, which will be limited to 10 companies.

“Fantastic, approachable & motivational”

If you have a positive, proactive approach to learning, a strong growth mindset and a deep desire to expand your own leadership abilities and those of your team, please contact me, Anna Samios, on +61 (0) 408 660 855 or email [email protected]

We would love to hear from you.

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